Chip Carter

Chip Carter

20 years in national multi-media

Writer/video producer with 20 years in national multimedia. Huffington Post contributing writer. Specialize in business, science-tech and lifestyle topics but also cover many other verticals.

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Tree article
The Huffington Post

A Christmas Gift for Parents Everywhere | The Huffington Post

My Christmas contribution to The Huffington Post for harried parents everywhere.

The Huffington Post

A New Year's Resolution Worth Making | The Huffington Post

A New Year's Resolution Worth Making | The Huffingt...

My Bad Day

I broke my neck and walked away -- humor meets horror in the waters off Daytona Beach, FL


The End of the Road: Kerouac in St Pete by Chip Carter - issuu

The End of the Road: Kerouac in St Pete by Chip Car...

Popular Science

HISTORY Channel's "Mountain Men"

History Channel's "Mountain Men" take it back old school style.

Gates 1 article

Is Bill Gates buying up farms in Vidalia? Documents and growers ...

Is Bill Gates buying up farms in Vidalia? Documents...

Snake Hunter Cleaning Up Florida's Everglades One Burmese Python at a Time

Capt. Jeff Fobb is sick and tired of these motherlovin' snakes in this motherlovin' swamp...

Suswa article

VIDEO: Heritage and History: Vidalia's Sweet Success

I produced and directed this look at the heritage and history of Vidalia's unique sweet onion, one of the happiest accidents in history.

Open uri20161031 26799 i351mf article

Competition from improved Peruvian agronomy and economy puts a twist on onion future

It’s been about 40 years since south Georgia Vidalia onion growers took what was once just a local favorite and turned it into an international food star. In fact, those farmers were so successful they created an entirely new category at the supermarket: The sweet onion deal that now goes...


Outback family recipes and memories by Chip Carter - issuu

This is a special holiday section I created in conjunction with OSI, Inc. (the Outback family of restaurants).

Revi article

VIDEO: Milk in a bag and an 80-pound fruit?

I produced and directed this peek inside Loblaw's showcase Montreal store, built in a historic old train station.

Open uri20130412 32523 1soe6qx article

Iowa-born Norman Ernest Borlaug left his legacy as a Texan

by Chip Carter | October 30, 2012
“The first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind.” — Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech
He was born in Iowa, educate...


Newsweek: The Strength of Steel

When GMC was looking to show off the strengths of the new Sierra, they came to me for a piece on the history and durability of steel. It's pretty strong stuff!


Nwa centennial special by Chip Carter - issuu

I worked with the National Watermelon Association (yes, there is such a thing) for this special piece to celebrate its recent centennial – it’s now in the Smithsonian as part of a display devoted to that.