Chip Carter

Chip Carter

20 years in national multi-media

Writer/video producer with 20 years in national multimedia. Huffington Post contributing writer. Specialize in business, science-tech and lifestyle topics but also cover many other verticals.

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Open uri20161031 26799 mupmop article

The CDC's 7-Step Program for Investigating Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

Foodborne illness outbreaks are declared after appropriate investigations have been performed by the CDC and other government agencies. Here's how....

Open uri20161031 26799 9mqdgf article

How Imported Spices Continue to Pose Health Risks in the United States

In 2013, the FDA reported a recall of lead-contaminated turmeric. Learn about the health risks of lead consumption and what the FDA is doing about it....

Open uri20161031 26799 m7q493 article

All About the Legal Aftermath of the 2011 Cantelope Listeria Outbreak

Years after the 2011 deadly Listeria outbreak, the Jensen brothers remained in the news over the duration of their criminal trial. Here's what happened....

Open uri20161031 26799 bltck7 article

What Every Consumer Should Know About the Pesticide Data Program

The PDP has become one of the most important government agency programs in the monitoring of pesticide use and safety. Here's what you should know....

Open uri20161031 26799 7wp9m3 article

What the FDA Says We Should Do to Avoid Intentional Food Contamination

The FDA has proposed another rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act geared toward preventing intentional contamination of our food supply....

Open uri20161031 26799 5atgne article

FSMA Rule Seven: Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food

Learn about the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food Rule, geared toward establishing proper sanitary transportation practices....

Open uri20161031 26799 ghn757 article

The American Citrus Crop Epidemic That No One's Talking About

A devastating disease called HLB or Citrus Greening has already affected millions of crops across the country. Here's what the USDA is doing about it....

Open uri20161031 26799 x16vft article

There Are 5 Living U.S. Presidents. Here's a List of Them

Read a list of living presidents. Read brief bios of the presidents. Find out how old the presidents are. See how many former presidents are living....

Open uri20161031 26799 5jnvg5 article

Inside the White House Grounds: The President's Backyard

Take a historical tour of the White House's yard -- where the president and first lady might enjoy a quiet lunch outside, or where kids can play....